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Faculty Statement in Support of Feminist Enquiry, Association, and Activism (28 March 2014)

As circulated on campus lists, 28 Mar. 2014:

We, the undersigned faculty at Queen’s University, believe in and strongly support feminist enquiry, association, and activism in all societies where people’s status is demeaned on the basis of gender. Feminism has a long and complex history. Continue reading

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Should Queen’s Dissolve the Senate Committee on Creative Arts and Public Lectures? (16 May 2013)

By Mark Jones, posted 16 May 2013.

A notice of motion buried in the 330-page April agenda for Queen’s Senate would have Senate dissolve the Committee on Creative Arts and Public Lectures (SCCAPL) at the end of May (see appendix to this post for the notice of motion).   Continue reading

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Mark Jones, Faculty Attrition, Administrative Expansion (30 April 2013)

According to Provost Alan Harrison, Queen’s reduced faculty positions by 47, or  5.8%, while increasing administrative positions by 5, or 12.8%, between 2007 and 2012.  

The Provost was recently asked in Senate about recent additions to the Administrative complement, in view of recent faculty attrition.   Continue reading

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Queen’s Senate Urges GSEC to Rescind New Times-to-Completion Policy (30 April 2013)

Based on an email sent by Samantha King to campus lists, 2 May 2013:

On Tuesday, April 30, Senate passed the following motion on Times to Completion for graduate students at Queen’s. Several speakers spoke passionately and convincingly in favour of the motion, which was passed without amendment.

That Senate urge the Graduate Studies Executive Council (GSEC) to strike a broadly based Task Force to seek practical ways to facilitate timely completion Continue reading

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New Draft for Academic Plan on Virtualization and Online Learning (18 April 2013)

The Senate Academic Planning Task Force (SAPT) has posted its second draft for Queen’s Academic Plan on Virtualization and Online Learning.  The first draft was posted on March 22.  For comments on the first draft, see here. Continue reading

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Ariel Salzmann, An Open Letter to Dean Brouwer and the School of Graduate Studies (4 April 2013)

As sent to Dean Brenda Brouwer and copied to community lists, 4 April 2013.  Posted by permission.

This year the Department of History made a valiant effort to recruit an exceptional graduate student. The student  applied to our Ph.D. program specifically to work under my supervision. My colleagues and I did our best to enhance the department’s offer, realizing that we would be in competition with other universities for this talented young scholar. After many weeks of wavering, the student finally wrote to our Graduate Chair explaining that although his first choice remained Queen’s, he simply could not refuse a comprehensive package from a university that possesses a very strong and well-established Middle Eastern Studies program. Fresh from this disappointment, I learned with utter disbelief that the GSEC had voted for a policy that further undercuts–indeed for all intents and purposes destroys–our ability to recruit top students, particularly in international fields. Continue reading

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Mark Jones, Clarification of the “Course Variants” Motion (31 March 2013)

The Curriculum Committee (CC) in the Faculty of Arts and Science (FAS) has circulated a memo to Undergraduate Chairs about “course variants” (see appendix, below).  The memo refers to a motion I brought before the Faculty Board (FB) in December:

Resolved that all courses and course-variants (e.g., courses modified from their original or on-campus formats so that they may be listed or advertised as online, as distance, as blended, or as taught in shortened duration for Queen’s-Blyth or other off-campus venues) for which the Faculty of Arts and Science grants academic credits must be (or have been) examined and recommended by the Curriculum Committee and approved by Faculty Board.

The CC memo introduces two errors about this motion that I wish to correct: Continue reading

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