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Queen’s Senate Urges GSEC to Rescind New Times-to-Completion Policy (30 April 2013)

Based on an email sent by Samantha King to campus lists, 2 May 2013: On Tuesday, April 30, Senate passed the following motion on Times to Completion for graduate students at Queen’s. Several speakers spoke passionately and convincingly in favour … Continue reading

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Two Questions for Faculty Board (2 October 2012)

As submitted by Mark Jones for the October 12 Agenda of Arts and Science Faculty Board:   Two Questions for Dean Alistair MacLean Respectfully submitted by Mark Jones, Dept. of English 1.  The CAUT Report on Queen’s University’s treatment of Dr. … Continue reading

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Queen’s Bowdlerized Plan (11 March 2012)

As emailed to campus lists, 11 March 2012.  See also the Open Letter to Principal Woolf and Provost Harrison.  Dear Colleagues, Queen’s has prepared (but not yet distributed) a 16-page glossy brochure representing the 12-page introductory summary to its Academic … Continue reading

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Jordan Morelli, On the Proposal for Faculty Board Restructuring (8 March 2012)

As emailed to Associate Dean Robert Lemieux, 8 March 2012, in response to the “Discussion Paper” distributed to faculty on 28 February. The Discussion Paper: “A Review of the Structure of Faculty Board” circulated by Associate Dean Robert Lemieux is … Continue reading

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Mark Jones, Review of the Structure of Faculty Board: A Counter-Proposition with Two Motions (7 March 2012)

As submitted on 7 March 2012 to the Arts and Science Faculty Board Agenda Committee for the Agenda of 16 March 2012 (except that an error in fn 2 has been subsequently corrected).  See also the Dean’s Discussion Paper: A … Continue reading

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Mark Jones, Queen’s Governance: The Case for Legal Advice for Senate (28 February 2012)

At its meeting of 28 February 2012, Queen’s Senate passed a motion concerning Senate authority on academic decisions by a vote of 28 – 20. What follows is the opening argument for it as delivered in Senate. This motion simply proposes that … Continue reading

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Roberta Lamb, Notes from Faculty Board for 13 January 2012 (posted 18 January 2012)

These notes are not comprehensive and are limited by my memory. I hope they  inform members of developments in Faculty Board (pending the appearance of the minutes) and I invite others who attended to add their thoughts. To me, it … Continue reading

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