Academic Planning: Response from Dr. Susan Cole (26 October 2010)

In response to the open letter of 20 October 2010, an email from Dr. Susan Cole, Deputy Provost and Chair of SCAD, to Mark Jones, 26 October 2010:

Hello Mark –
Thank you for your email of 20 Oct 2010. As you now know from my brief report at last week’s Senate Meeting, there has only been one scheduled SCAD meeting (Sept 29th) since the task of developing the Academic Plan was referred to this committee on September 9th. As I also mentioned at Senate, the first opportunity for a small informal working group comprised of SCAD member volunteers to meet to discuss the task since our regular meeting was on Oct 20th. SCAD meets again tomorrow (Oct 27th) and it is my hope that we will have something more substantive to report back to Senate at its next meeting on November 25th.

There is no doubt in my mind that many of the issues you raise in your letter to myself and Daniel Woolf are ones of very high interest to all members of the Queen’s community and will assuredly be considered during the next steps of the Academic Planning process. I also thank you for some very constructive and meritorious suggestions – in particular, holding targeted town hall meetings during the development of the Academic Plan.




Susan P.C. COLE, PhD, FRSC

Deputy Provost

613 533 2020

Canada Research Chair and
Bracken Chair in Genetics & Molecular Medicine

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