Re BFA Admissions: A Statement and a Motion for Faculty Board (8 December 2011)

The Faculty of Arts and Science Faculty Board meets at 3:3o p.m. Friday, 9 December 2011, in 217 Watson Hall.

Since its November meeting (scheduled for the 11th) was cancelled, this will be its  first opportunity to consider the Deans’ announcement (made two days before the cancelled meeting) that admissions to the Bachelor of Fine Art (BFA) program are frozen for 2012-13.  Not that there is anything about this on the agenda even now.

Students and Faculty who are concerned about the BFA Admissions Freeze, and about the way it was announced without consultation with Faculty Board or Senate (see here), have prepared a statement and a motion for this Faculty Board, as follows. Should you wish to sign the statement (which will be submitted with signatures) please do so on the ipetitions site.  There will also be paper copies for signing at Faculty Board.


We, the undersigned:

1.  Object to the Deans’ having announced an admissions-freeze to the BFA program on 9 November 2011 without first consulting or advising Faculty Board;

2.  Object to Faculty Board having been cancelled on 11 November 2011, when it should have had opportunity to meet and discuss the admissions freeze;

3.  Remind the Dean(s) and Faculty Board of the following “Functions” of Faculty Board, as provided in the FAS By-Laws, pp. 1-2:

  • “D) to control registration subject to the approval of the Senate;” and
  • “G) to make such recommendations to the Senate as the Faculty may deem expedient for promoting the efficiency of the University;”

4.  Declare that in our view the freezing of all admissions to any program is, among other things, an academic matter and therefore subject to approval by Senate, and also falls under Faculty Board’s Functions (D) and (G);

5.  Ask that these views be recorded in the minutes of Faculty Board.


  • that Faculty Board require that the Deans and Associate Deans in future abide by the by-laws of Faculty Board and by the “Purpose and Functions of Senate,” and more generally that they consult with both Faculty Board and Senate on any academic decisions that affect the continuation of whole units or programs; and
  • that the Deans immediately and publicly affirm the resumption of admissions to the BFA for 2012-13, provided that such admissions may eventually be frozen on the recommendation of the committee that has been appointed to consider the matter, and with the approval of Faculty Board and Senate.
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