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Should Queen’s Dissolve the Senate Committee on Creative Arts and Public Lectures? (16 May 2013)

By Mark Jones, posted 16 May 2013. A notice of motion buried in the 330-page April agenda for Queen’s Senate would have Senate dissolve the Committee on Creative Arts and Public Lectures (SCCAPL) at the end of May (see appendix to this … Continue reading

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Towards a Living History of Governance at Queen’s: Responses (18 April 2012-ongoing)

This post-in-process compiles responses to the Query of 17 April 2012.  See also the related “Statements and Sources.” I came to Queen’s in 1969, and the atmosphere was very different.  On the one hand, it was white male, so there … Continue reading

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Laura Cameron, Queen’s Faculty Board: 100 years of collegial governance (18 April 2012)

Bob Lemieux pointed out that “The structure of Faculty Board was established by the Board of Trustees in 1913.” Next year – 2013 – will be the centenary of this valuable and remarkable structure. In line with Mark Jones’s call … Continue reading

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Towards a Living History of Governance at Queen’s: A Query (17 April 2012)

Posted by Mark Jones on 17 April 2012 and sent out on campus lists. See also the “Statements and Sources.” Dear Colleagues: Recent events in Queen’s Senate and at Faculty Board in Arts and Science have brought important questions of University governance … Continue reading

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Governance at Queen’s: Statements and Sources (17 April 2012)

Posted 17 April 2012 by Mark Jones.  In progress.  Please send recommended sources to  “University governments in Canada need to be much more strongly and continuously informed by academic judgment and academic experience than they have ever been in … Continue reading

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Mark Jones, More Reasons Not to Consider Restructuring Faculty Board (11 April 2012)

1.  The “Restructuring” Initiative in Context The Deans of Arts and Science (FAS) introduced the discussion of Faculty Board (FB) “restructuring” in early February 2012.[1]  To understand its meaning, it is important to view it in context.

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Occupy Queen’s: OcQpy signifies change (5 April 2012)

Letter to the Editors, Queen’s Journal, 5 April 2012: Dear Editors, We are a group of students and faculty here at Queen’s who have been inspired by the (re-) emergence of political consciousness and activism across North America. We would … Continue reading

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