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Queen’s News Centre: Community responds to vision document (23 February 2010)

As posted in Queen’s News Centre, 23 February 2010: Principal Daniel Woolf has been receiving feedback on the vision document he released last month that launched Queen’s academic planning process.

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QUFA’s Response To Principal Woolf’s Academic Planning Exercise (17 Feb. 2010)

As posted on the Queen’s University Faculty Association Website: To our Members: QUFA has advised and continues to advise its Members to participate in Principal Woolf’s Academic Planning process. But both Administrators and QUFA Members need also to be aware … Continue reading

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Academic Plan Response-Form (Arts and Science) (8 Feb. 2010)

Below is a link to the “template” supplied to units in Arts and Science on 8 Feb. 2010 for their input to the “academic planning” exercise. Responses were required by the 19th. AcademicPlanResponseFormVer3

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Faculty of Arts and Science Planning Document (February 2010)

The following document is apparently no longer available on the Queen’s server, but it is an important statement of Administrative preconceptions and priorities going into the “academic planning” process. Faculty of Arts and Science Planning Document.pdf See also QUFA’s critique.

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