Acronyms for Queen’s Etc.


A&S               Faculty of Arts and Science

AMS               Alma Mater Society

APTF              Academic Planning Task Force

ASUS             Arts and Science Undergraduate Society

BA(H)            Bachelor of Arts (Honours)

BCMPH         Bachelor of Computing (Honours)

BISC               Bader International Studies Centre (used to be ISC)

BSc(H)          Bachelor of Science (Honours)

CCPA             Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

CDS                Continuing and Distance Studies

COCA            Computing and the Creative Arts

COU               Council of Ontario Universities

CTL                Centre for Teaching and Learning

CUS                Chair of Undergraduate Studies

DBMS            Department of Biomedical and Molecular Sciences,
School of Medicine, Faculty of Health Sciences

DSC                Departmental Student Council

F                      Fall term (September-December)

FAS                Faculty of Arts and Science (also “A&S”)

FW                  Fall/Winter term (September-April)

GDLEs           Graduate Degree Level Expectations (mandated by QUQAPs)

GSEC             Graduate Studies Executive Council

HCDS             Health, Counseling and Disability Services

HLH               Harrison-LeCaine Hall

HR                  Human Resources

HRO               Human Rights Office

IF                    Imagining the Future

ISC                 International Study Centre, Herstmonceux Castle in England

(now BISC)

ITS                 Information Technology Services

JDUC            John Deutsch University Centre

KDLC            Kingston District Labour Council

LOP               letter of permission

MAJ              major concentration

MED             medial concentration

MIN              minor concentration

MJM            major/minor concentration

MTCU          Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (Ontario)

MUSC          [Course and subject code for music]

N                   Spring term (May-June)

OCAV          Ontario Council of Academic Vice-Presidents

OLRB          Ontario Labour Relations Board

OOI             Ontario Online Institute

OUR            Office of the University Registrar

PAO             Performing Arts Office

PSAC 901   Public Service Alliance of Canada Local 901 (TA/TF Union)

QCARD       Queen’s Computerized Access and Registration Database

QSFC           Queen’s University Faculty Caucus

QUFA          Queen’s Faculty Association

QUIC           Queen’s University International Centre

QUQAPs    Queen’s Quality Assurance Processes

QUSA         Queen’s University Staff Association

RAP         Real Academic Planning

S                  [Suffix for Distance Courses]

SCAD         Senate Committee on Academic Development

SGS            School of Graduate Studies

SOAR        Summer Orientation and Registration for 1st year

SPF            Special Field Concentration (A&S students only)

STEM        Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math

UUDLEs   University Undergraduate Degree Level Expectations

USAT         University Survey of Student Assessment of Teaching

USW          United Steelworkers Local 2010 (represents administrative staff)

W                Winter term (January-April)

WAT          Watson Hall

WN            Where Next? Toward a University Academic Plan

X                 [Suffix for On-Campus Evening Courses]

ZASC         [Non Degree designation (Arts & Science)]

ZBASC      [Post Degree designation (Arts & Science)]

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