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Mark Jones, Open Letter: Response to Principal Woolf re Apology to Michael Mason (27 November 2012)

Dear Colleagues: An update on the letter of apology for Professor Michael Mason: It was published in the Globe & Mail on 19 November with a column by James Bradshaw.  The National Post also reported it on 19 November, and the Kingston Whig-Standard on the 20th.

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PSAC 901 Responds to CAUT Report on Michael Mason (1 November 2012)

PSAC Local 901, representing Graduate Teaching Assistants and Teaching Fellows at Queen’s, has posted two critical responses to the CAUT Ad Hoc Investigatory Committee Report on the situation and treatment of Dr. Michael Mason in the Department of History at … Continue reading

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Highlights from the CAUT Almanac of Post-Secondary Education, 2012-13 (9 October 2012)

The CAUT Almanac “documents the most current statistical information available on the status of post-secondary education in Canada,” using Stats Canada and other data.  Each chapter of charts and tables is prefaced with “Highlights,” as quoted below. 

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Responses to MTCU’s Discussion Paper (5 October 2012)

Responses to the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities’ (MTCU’s) discussion paper, “Strengthening Ontario’s Centres“:

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CAUT: Assault on labour rights and post-secondary education (21 September 2012)

For this important post please see QUFA Forum.

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Mark Jones, Toward a Response to “Strengthening Ontario’s Centres” (19 September 2012)

Emailed to Provost Alan Harrison on 19 September 2012, in response to his call for submissions. Slightly revised for posting. Dear Provost Harrison: Thank you for your invitation for input on the Ministry’s discussion paper, “Strengthening Ontario’s Centres…” (SOC).  Like … Continue reading

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Mark Jones, Heads Up on Ontario’s Aims for Post-Secondary Education (13 September 2012)

A Provincial “discussion paper,” “Strengthening Ontario’s Centres of Creativity, Innovation and Knowledge” (SOC), was issued by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (MTCU) on 28 June 2012, and was followed up with a series of “consultations” (really more like … Continue reading

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