Sign Petition to Save NSCAD (1 December 2011)

A petition to the Government of Nova Scotia to save Nova Scotia College of Art & Design (NSCAD)  has garnered over 7,000 signatures as of 1 December 2011.  The petition, which you can sign here, reads:

Keep NSCAD University intact and independent!

NSCAD University is Canada’s oldest fine art degree granting university, and the only independent institution offering a full range of undergraduate and graduate programming in visual art and design east of Ontario.

I am aware that Howard Windsor, the former Policy Analyst with Labour and Advanced Education for the province of Nova Scotia, has been appointed to examine the future of NSCAD University. I understand that Mr. Windsor has been given an open mandate by the Hon. Marilyn More, Minister of Education and Labour, to propose a direction for the school which may include the termination of programs to wholesale or fragmented mergers with other provincial institutions. 2012 marks NSCAD University’s 125th birthday and I want the Government of Nova Scotia to ensure another 125 years of independence for one of North America’s leading art and design institutions.

I am signing this petition to communicate to the Province of Nova Scotia why a strongly independent NSCAD University is important to me, to the province of Nova Scotia, to Canada, and to creative culture far and wide.


See also the petition in support of Queen’s own Bachelor of Fine Art!

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