Ontario Government Policy Paper Recommends 3/5 Online Courses (23 February 2012)

First posted 23 February 2012; updated 28 May 2012.

Details are still vague, but a policy paper generated within the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (MTCU) is reportedly proposing to the Ontario Government that three out of five post-secondary credits be earned online and that students be encouraged to earn four-year degrees in three by studying year-round.  The paper is titled “3×3: Revolutionizing Ontario’s Post-Secondary Education System for the 21st Century,” and is also known as “Three Cubed.” See reports by CTV and the Toronto Star.  See also Kristin Rushowy, “Most Ontario university students prefer four-year bachelor degrees, survey finds,” Toronto Star, 23 February 2012, Stephen Henighan, “A three-year degree will shortchange students,” Globe & Mail, 1 March 2012, and “OCUFA responds to leaked proposals for reform of Ontario’s universities,” OCUFA Report, 1 March 2012. Ontario faculty and librarians registered profound skepticism concerning the “three cubed” proposals in the 2012 OCUFA Faculty Survey (released in May).

For a critique of related proposals for increasing the virtualization of classes, the transferability of academic credits, and the differentiation of Ontario universities, see “On Virtualization at Queen’s and Beyond.”

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