UBC Says No to Access Copyright (15 May 2012)

From a University of British Columbia broadcast e-mail, 15 May 2012:

To: All UBC Faculty and Staff

[….] After extensive review, the University of British Columbia has decided not to sign a license agreement with Access Copyright (AC) based on the model that it has recently negotiated with the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC).

We believe we are taking the bolder, more principled and sustainable option, which best serves the fundamental and long-term interests of our academic community.

AC, the copyright collective that collects copyright fees on behalf of a number of publishers from universities and colleges in Canada, offered certain one-time discount incentives to universities to sign a license based on the model. In order to maximize such discount incentives, universities had to determine by May 15, 2012, whether or not they would sign. In light of these new developments, UBC reviewed its 2011 decision to operate outside the tariff and has determined that it is in the best interests of its students and faculty to stay the course and to not sign a license with AC [….]

For more information and new developments, please consult the Copyright at UBC website at: http://copyright.ubc.ca.

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