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Real Academic Planning is hosted by Queen’s Students and Employees for Real Academic Planning (QSERAP). QSERAP is a coalition of Queen’s Students for Real Academic Planning (QSRAP) and Queen’s Employees for Real Academic Planning (QERAP). Both groups emerged in April 2010 to voice objections widely shared among the Queen’s community to the financial priorities, rushed scheduling, and flawed processes of the campus-wide “academic planning” exercises initiated in January 2010 by Principal Woolf’s vision statement, Where Next?  Among the first acts of both groups were petitions presented to Queen’s Board of Trustees on 1 May 2010 bearing hundreds of Queen’s community signatures.  QSERAP members were instrumental in persuading the Principal to extend the academic planning process beyond the summer of 2010 and to refer it to Senate.  They were instrumental not only in the creation of the Senate Academic Planning Task Force (APTF), but in directing its activity toward consultation on specific issues of concern, such as virtualization and the teaching of writing (see especially posts of May to October 2010).  When Senate approved the “Queen’s University Academic Plan” in November 2011, it also provided that the planning process continue yearly using similar, issue-specific consultative methods; this policy too derives from QSERAP agitation.

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The photo in our header is a detail from “Trilliums at Lemoine Point, spring 2009,” by Marion Rae.

Last updated 31 March 2012

1 Response to About Us

  1. Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya says:


    I want to mention and bring to your attention the work of Denis Rancourt. His prolific blog, U of O Watch, without question has worked for transpirancy at the University of Ottawa. It has been vital in putting the limelight on critical and important events on ca,pus. Denis has been a real pioneer in the wilderness.

    U of O Watch is the equivalent of this blog for the University of Ottawa. Instead of being thanked, it has been targeted. Please lend your voices to supporting U of O Watch.


    Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya

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