Queen’s News Centre: Community responds to vision document (23 February 2010)

As posted in Queen’s News Centre, 23 February 2010:

Principal Daniel Woolf has been receiving feedback on the vision document he released last month that launched Queen’s academic planning process.

The Principal participated in a student symposium in Wallace Hall last week and has been getting input via email from individual faculty members and staff. He has also been receiving comments at several department meetings, and Senate spent an hour discussing various aspects of the document in small groups during its January meeting.

“I’m pleased with the reception so far of Where Next?,” says Principal Woolf. “While there are obviously a wide range of views on the various ideas and proposals it raises, it seems to have achieved its goal of instigating discussions of the future direction of Queen’s, and providing a touchstone against which units can develop their own plans.”

The Principal is planning to hold more meetings and workshop discussions on the document with members of the Queen’s community over the next few months.

In addition, Deans and V-Ps are implementing planning processes within their faculties, schools and units to develop their responses to the document, which are due by April 15.

A small committee of academics will then synthesize all of the responses and draft a pan-university plan for further discussion and consultation in the fall. The membership of this committee is expected to be finalized and announced next month.

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