Petition to Senate Concerning Admission Freezes and Closures (17 November 2011)

As posted 17 November 2011 on

Given the recent announcement that Queen’s “is suspending admission and upper-year transfers to the Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) program for the 2012-2013 academic year based on an assessment of the faculty resources available to support the program”;

Given that the “Central Function” of Queen’s Senate is to “determine all matters of an academic character that affect the University as a whole” (“Purpose and Functions of Senate“) and that “Senate has,” more specifically, “the authority to [. . . .] approve university-level policies relating to the academic mission and academic services including but not limited to policies related to admissions” (ibid., Function 8); 

We the undersigned ask that the BFA admissions-freeze and all such contemplated freezes, closures, and amalgamations be henceforth submitted to the proper authority of Queen’s Senate for approval; 

We also submit that all such policy decisions must be based not only on financial or “resources” criteria but on long-range academic considerations, and thus require consultation with students and faculty via their Faculty Boards, Senate, and other representative and deliberative bodies;

And finally, in connection with Senate’s consideration of the academic merits of  Queen’s Arts programs, we urge Senate to take into careful consideration the many testimonials that have been offered by students, alumni, and concerned community members. 

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One Response to Petition to Senate Concerning Admission Freezes and Closures (17 November 2011)

  1. Anon. says:

    I find some irony in these events and similar incidents of the administration playing hardball coinciding with greater concern on all fronts about bullying.

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