Queen’s Bowdlerized Plan (11 March 2012)

As emailed to campus lists, 11 March 2012.  See also the Open Letter to Principal Woolf and Provost Harrison

Dear Colleagues,

Queen’s has prepared (but not yet distributed) a 16-page glossy brochure representing the 12-page introductory summary to its Academic Plan as “Queen’s University Academic Plan 2012” (see http://www.queensu.ca/secretariat/index/QU-2011-AcademicPlan-overview.pdf for the pdf version already  posted on the Secretariat’s website).

As explained in an Open Letter to Principal Woolf and Provost Harrison, this publication is a drastic reduction of the Plan as approved by Senate in November.  To publish it now as “Queen’s University Academic Plan” would be to mislead the Queen’s community and betray Senate, the members of the Senate’s Academic Planning Task Force,  and all who contributed so generously, and in such good faith, to consultation at the invitation of the Principal.

If you care about genuine consultation and real academic planning, please read this Open Letter and write the Principal <principal@queensu.ca> and Provost <provost@queensu.ca>, urging them to withhold or withdraw this publication and publish the Queen’s University Academic Plan as it was approved by Senate.


Mark Jones
Department of English
Queen’s University
Kingston, Ontario    K7L 3N6

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