Mark Jones, Two Motions for Faculty Board (26 November 2012)

Submitted to the Agenda Committee, 26 November 2012, for the 7 December agenda of Arts and Science Faculty Board.  The first motion was debated and referred to the Curriculum Committee (a similar motion to submit all courses for curriculum committee approval was defeated in Senate in October (Senate Minutes, October 2012, pp. 10-12)).  The second motion failed.  

1. Resolved that all courses and course-variants (e.g., courses modified from their original or on-campus formats so that they may be listed or advertised as online, as distance, as blended, or as taught in shortened duration for Queen’s-Blyth or other off-campus venues) for which the Faculty of Arts and Science grants academic credits must be (or have been) examined and recommended by the Curriculum Committee and approved by Faculty Board. 

2. Resolved that Faculty Board recommend to Senate that all course variants (as in motion 1) be designated with a suffix to the original course-number, and that the suffix designate the mode of the variant, e.g., O=Online, BL=Blended, D=Distance, etc.

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