Open Letter to Michael Mason: We (Queen’s University) Apologize (19 November 2012)

As published in the Globe & Mail online, appended to James Bradshaw, “Professors sign letter criticizing Queen’s University,” 19 November 2012.  This letter is still being signed on ipetitions.  The version below has been updated to include recent signatures.

Dear Professor Mason:

In a Report issued on September 20, 2012, the Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT) claimed that Queen’s Administration violated your Academic Freedom, “abused their power and acted in disregard of the wellbeing of one of their teaching employees.” It also charged Queen’s with multiple “violations of procedural fairness” against you (Report pp. 15, 17). Last month, the Report was endorsed by Queen’s University Faculty Association (QUFA). In early November, the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC), unit 901, representing graduate teaching assistants at Queen’s, issued a public statement charging that alleged complaints made against you were mishandled by the Department of History. Though PSAC 901 has serious differences with the CAUT Report, it agrees that the Department of History “neglected [your] rights outlined in the QUFA Collective Agreement.”

Although the Report recommends remedies, including a public letter of apology, Queen’s Administration has flatly refused to respond publicly to this Report, citing jurisdictional technicalities (Queen’s Senate, 30 October 2012).  In response to questions from faculty members, it has denied procedural violations (Arts and Science Faculty Board, 12 October 2012).  In these actions, Queen’s Administration exposes the University and the Department of History to public and professional censure. It also clearly demonstrates that it cannot and does not represent Queen’s. Queen’s consists of Queen’s academic staff, Queen’s non-academic staff, Queen’s alumni, and Queen’s students. As Queen’s University, authorizing ourselves as per article 14.6 of the Collective Agreement, WE apologize to you, Professor Mason.

Signed by:

  1. Constance Adamson, Associate Librarian, Stauffer Library
  2. Sharry Aiken, Associate Professor, Faculty of Law
  3. Blaine Allan, Associate Professor, Film and Media
  4. David K. Anderson, Queen’s alumnus and Assistant Professor at the University of Oklahoma
  5. Rebecca Anweiler, Continuing Adjunct, BFA Programme
  6. Christiane Arndt, Assistant Professor, Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
  7. Kristan Aronson
  8. Laurence Ashworth, Associate Professor, School of Business
  9. Sylvat Aziz, Associate Professor, Visual Arts Programme
  10. Nicholas Bala, Professor, Faculty of Law
  11. Jacob Barrett
  12. Virginia Bartley, Faculty of Law (retired)
  13. Donald Beattie, Sc’64, MSc’68, Former EE Assistant Professor
  14. Major Andrew Belyea, Assistant Professor, RMCC (Queen’s Alumnus)
  15. Maggie Berg, Professor, Department of English
  16. Gregory Betts, Alumnus, Department of English
  17. Fred Blair, Sc. ’63
  18. Hans Boldt, BSc (Hons) 1980 (Queen’s, Arts & Science)
  19. Jeremy Bourreau
  20. Albert Braz, Associate Professor of Comparative Literature and English, University of Alberta
  21. Terry Bridges, Ph.D. Candidate, Faculty of Education
  22. David Brooks
  23. Annette Burfoot, Professor, Department of Sociology
  24. John Burge, Professor, School of Music
  25. Frank Burke, Professor, Department of Film and Media
  26. Peter Campbell, Professor, Department of History
  27. John C Carlson, Queen’s University Council
  28. David Carpenter – Student in HIST 283
  29. Herissa Chan, Department of Philosophy
  30. Shin Hyung Choi, Alumnus, History BAH 2012
  31. Cathy Christie, Associate Professor, Faculty of Education
  32. Deborah Chu
  33. Charles Clark, Alumnus, History
  34. Arthur Cockfield, Professor, Queen’s University Faculty of Law
  35. Fabio Colivicchi, Associate Professor, Department of Classics
  36. William H. Cooper, Professor, School of Business
  37. Nicola Craig
  38. Aaron Cressman
  39. Michael Cummings, Assistant Professor, Queen’s University
  40. Joyce Davidson, Associate Professor, Department of Geography
  41. Misao Dean, Alumuna PhD, Department of English
  42. Jean De Bettignies, Associate Professor, School of Business
  43. Dwight Druick, Adjunct Lecturer, Department of Psychiatry
  44. Gordon Dueck, Department of History
  45. Jacalyn Duffin, Professor, Hannah Chair of the History of Medicine
  46. Monique Dufresne, Associate Professor, French Department & Linguistics
  47. Genevieve Dumas, Professor, Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering
  48. Kirstie Dyment, Student, Art History
  49. Sophie Edwards, PhD Candidate, Geography
  50. John Eustace
  51. Petra Fachinger, Professor, Department of English
  52. Adrienne Fanjoy
  53. Alastair Ferguson, Professor, Physiology and Neuroscience
  54. Sarah Ferguson, BAH History 2015
  55. Brennan Foo, B.Comm 2014 and former Senator
  56. Karen B. Frederickson, Associate Professor Music, cross-appointed Education
  57. Peter Freeman, Assistant Professor (Adjunct), School of Music
  58. Jordan Galbraith
  59. Charles Gao
  60. Afraj Gill, Student Senator, Queen’s School of Business
  61. Simon Gill
  62. Kathleen Girard (Walmsley), Queen’s alumna
  63. Peter Girard, retired librarian, Queen’s
  64. Shannon Goodspeed
  65. Susan Greaves, Queen’s Libraries
  66. Elizabeth Greene, Associate Professor, Department of English (retired)
  67. David Grightmire, Alumnus, Science 70
  68. Elizabeth Hanson, Professor, Department of English
  69. Lynne Hanson, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law
  70. Amanda Heale
  71. Steven Heighton, MA 1986
  72. Emily M. Hill, Associate Professor, Department of History
  73. Katherine Hinton
  74. David Hobbs, Alumnus (BA English), Doctoral Candidate (NYU)
  75. Sarah Hobbs
  76. Monika Holzschuh Sator, Assistant Professor, Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures
  77. Alexander Hopewell, Co-Chair, English Department Student Council
  78. David Horne, MPA
  79. Jennifer Ruth Hosek, Associate Professor, Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures
  80. Stéphane Inkel
  81. Bill James, Professor Emeritus, School of Religion
  82. Zara Jiwa, BAH Global Development Studies ’14
  83. A. Johnson
  84. Anne Johnson, Alumna, current student, staff member, and parent of Queen’s alumna
  85. Caitlin Johnston
  86. Mark Jones, Professor, Department of English
  87. Julia Kaplan
  88. Tim Kavanagh, BScH Psychology ’14
  89. Paul Kelley
  90. Gary Kibbins, Professor, Film & Media Studies
  91. Lauren Kolarek
  92. Audrey Kobayashi, Professor, Department of Geography
  93. Michael Korenberg
  94. Molly Kubes
  95. Paritosh Kumar, Department of Global Development Studies
  96. Ewelina Kwasniewska, School of Music
  97. Monica LaBarge
  98. Kathleen Lahey, Professor, Faculty of Law
  99. Sherman X Lai, Alumnus, History PhD 2008
  100. Roberta Lamb, Associate Professor, School of Music
  101. Emilie Lau, Alumna, Arts and Science ‘10
  102. Michael Lau, Queen’s Commerce ’11
  103. Charlotte Laver
  104. Cory Laverty, Librarian, Faculty of Education
  105. James A. Leith, Professor Emeritus, History; Former President, Canadian Hiistorical Association
  106. Byron Letourneau-Duynstee, Student, Stage and Screen
  107. Beverly Leung
  108. Kelsey Leung, Student, B.Arts (Hons.) History ’14 – member of HIST 283 2011/2012
  109. Anatoly Levshin, Alumnus, Political Studies
  110. Vicky Lewis
  111. Ira Lewy
  112. Tamas Linder, Professor, Department of Mathematics & Statistics
  113. Stewart Lindsay, Queen’s alumnus (1983)
  114. Erynn Linehan
  115. Susan Lord, Film and Media Studies
  116. Donal Macartney, Professor, Department of Chemistry
  117. Robbie MacKay, School of Music
  118. Alistair M Macleod, Professor Emeritus, Philosophy
  119. Brian Maloney
  120. Allan Manson, Professor, Faculty of Law
  121. Hannah Marlin
  122. Ann Martin, Assistant Professor, Department of English, University of Saskatchewan
  123. Darko Matovic, Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering
  124. Robert G. May, Assistant Professor (Adjunct), Department of English
  125. Harry McCaughey, Professor Emeritus, Department of Geography
  126. David McDonald, Global Development Studies
  127. Jeffrey I. McGill
  128. Carol McKeen, Associate Professor, Queen’s School of Business, also BSC 70, BEd 71 and MBA 76
  129. Duncan McKerron, student, History BAH program
  130. Adèle Mercier, Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy & Linguistics Program
  131. Emily Miller
  132. Christopher Milne
  133. Jim Milton, Sc55
  134. Helen Mo, Alumna BAH/BEd/MA, History
  135. Bob Montgomerie, Professor, Biology
  136. Jordan Morelli, Associate Professor, Department of Physics, Engineering Physics & Astronomy
  137. David Muir, B.A Concordia (1980) , LLB Queen’s (1985)
  138. Isabel Mundigo-Moore
  139. Carson Murphy, BAH History ’13
  140. Dorit Naaman, Alliance Atlantis Professor, Department of Film and Media
  141. Frédérique Offredi, Alumnus PhD, French Studies
  142. Dan Panneton, 4th-year History undergrad
  143. Margaret Pappano, Associate Professor, Department of English
  144. Jason Parker
  145. Dr Frank Pearce, Professor of Sociology
  146. Kip Pegley, Associate Professor, School of Music
  147. Zozan Pehlivan
  148. Sara Perosa
  149. John Phelan
  150. Toni Pickard, Associate Professor (retired), Faculty of Law
  151. Chris Pickles
  152. Elaine Power, Associate Professor, School of Kinesiology and Health Studies
  153. Gerhard Pratt, Adjunct Professor, Department of Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering
  154. Michael Pratt, Faculty of Law
  155. Alexander Prescott ArtSci ’14
  156. Amber R, BAH Psychology ’12
  157. Patricia Rae, Professor, Department of English
  158. Leda Raptis, Professor, Department of Biomedical and Molecular Sciences
  159. Brenda Reed, Associate Librarian, Education Library
  160. John Reed
  161. Douglas Reid, Associate Professor, International Business and Strategy; former member of Queen’s University Senate
  162. Charlotte Reinholtz, Associate Professor, Linguistics Section, Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures
  163. Kim Renders, Associate Professor, Department of Drama
  164. Natalie Rewa, Professor, Department of Drama
  165. Peter Richardson, Professor, Queen’s School of Business
  166. Clive Robertson, Associate Professor, Department of Art History and Art Conservation, and Graduate Program in Cultural Studies
  167. Sean Edward Robinson, BSc Life Sciences 2013
  168. Stephen Ross, Alumnus, Department of English
  169. Hayley Rushford
  170. Nasser Saleh, Associate Librarian, Engineering & Science Library
  171. Steven Salterio, Professor, School of Business
  172. Christina Salavantis, Department of Sociology
  173. Ariel Salzmann, Associate Professor, Department of History
  174. Teri Shearer, Associate Professor, Queen’s School of Business
  175. Mort Shirkhanzadeh
  176. Geoff Smith, Professor Emeritus, Physical & Health Education and History
  177. Michael D. Snediker, Associate Professor, Department of English
  178. Scott-Morgan Straker, Associate Professor, Department of English
  179. Don Stuart, Professor, Faculty of Law
  180. Gisèle Dalbec Szczesniak
  181. Natalie Tay
  182. Jennifer Tebworth, BAH Religious Studies ’15
  183. Kate Thomas
  184. Dan Tremblay, Adjunct Professor, School of Music
  185. Gerald Tulchinsky, Professor Emeritus, Department of History
  186. Gwen Van Dam, BScN ’13
  187. Tracy Ware, Professor, Department of English
  188. Mark Weisberg, Professor of Law, Emeritus
  189. Leanne Wheeler
  190. Michael White, Associate Librarian, Engineering & Science Library
  191. Mel Wiebe, Professor Emeritus, Department of English
  192. Glenn Willmott, Professor, Department of English
  193. Sierra Yanush, Alumna, Department of Philosophy
  194. Danielle Zafirovski
  195. Anonymous, Adjunct Professor, Department of Physics, Engineering Physics and Astronomy
  196. Janelle
  197. Victoria
  198. Anonymous
  199. Anonymous
  200. Anonymous
  201. Anonymous
  202. Anonymous
  203. Anonymous
  204. Anonymous
  205. Anonymous
  206. Anonymous
  207. Anonymous
  208. Anonymous
  209. Anonymous
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1 Response to Open Letter to Michael Mason: We (Queen’s University) Apologize (19 November 2012)

  1. Anon. assistant professor says:

    I hope we will soon be reading a detailed analysis of the recent letter from Principal Woolf.

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