Gradgrind: Queen’s Cuts Time Allowances for MAs, PhDs (19 March 2013)

By Mark Jones; posted 19 March 2013.

Yesterday a message to graduate students announced a new policy on Time Limits for Completion of Programs.   Continue reading

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New Questions about Online Learning (26 February 2012)

Some recent articles and studies raise serious questions about the uses of online learning in college and university (updated 4 May 2013): Continue reading

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Mark Jones, Questions Concerning Proposals for Course Redesign (13 February 2013)

From the Arts and Science Faculty Board Agenda for 13 February 2013.  For the  response, see the Minutes, pp. 8-11.

Questions for Dean MacLean, Arts and Science Faculty Board, February 2013

from Mark Jones, Department of English

Units in Arts and Science have received repeated “Calls for Proposals for Course Redesign,” i.e., for conversions to online and “blended” formats (the most recent is posted here).  I have four questions concerning these invitations.

Continue reading

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Mark Jones, Data Check: Recent “Evidence” in Support of Blended and Online Learning (27 January 2013)

The Arts and Science webpage for “Blended Learning”[1] claims that

A 2010 meta-analysis of more than a thousand empirical research studies showed that learning outcomes for students taking blended courses were significantly better than those of students receiving purely face-to-face instruction. The mean effect size in studies comparing blended with face-to-face instruction was +0.35, p < .001.

Means, B., Toyama, Y., Murphy, R., Bakia, M., Jones, K. (2010). Evaluation of evidence-based practices in online learning: A meta-analysis and review of online learning. Center for Technology in Learning, U.S. Department of Education.

This claim is misleading in several ways.  Continue reading

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Arts and Science: Call for Proposals for Course Redesign Project (24 January 2013)

Emailed to departments as a pdf document, Call for Proposals3 Jan 2013, 24 January 2013.  Italics and boldface are in the original.  See also Associate Dean Ravenscroft’s earlier mailings of February and May 2011 and February 2012.  Note that the present memo does not cite the “research study” invoked in paragraph 6, and thus offers no evidence for the “statistically significant increase,” etc.  When asked about this, the Dean’s Office responded that the results have yet to be reviewed and the report has yet to be compiled.

Faculty of Arts and Science
Call for Proposals for Course Redesign Project
January 2013

We are pleased to announce the third phase of the Arts and Science course redesign project. Continue reading

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Queen’s-Blyth Worldwide: A Faculty Discussion with Vice Provost James Lee (23 January 2013)

On 6 November 2012, a group of Queen’s faculty (Annette Burfoot, Karen Dubinsky, Marc Epprecht, Petra Fachinger, Emily Hill, Jennifer Hosek, Mark Jones, David McDonald, and Adèle Mercier) met with Vice Provost James Lee, Tom Gallini (Queen’s-Blyth International Assistant, International Programs Office), and Jenny Corlett (International Programs Office) to discuss concerns about the Queen’s-Blyth Worldwide (QBW) program.

Continue reading

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Podcast: Digital Boon or Digital Doom? The Virtual Future of Higher Education (16 January 2013)

The panel discussion “Digital Boon or Digital Doom?” moderated by Ira Basen (University of Western Ontario, 16 January 2013), including panelists

Luis von Ahn, Carnegie Mellon University
Elizabeth Hanson, Queen’s University
Doug Mann, Western University
Jonathan Schaeffer, University of Alberta
George Siemens, Athabasca University

is now available as a podcast:

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