Faculty of Arts and Science Call for Proposals for Course Re-Design (2 May 2011)

From the Faculty of Arts and Science. Emailed to Department Heads by Associate Dean (Studies) Brenda Ravenscroft on 2 May 2011. See also Associate Dean Ravenscroft’s mailings of February 2011 and of 22 February 2012

We are pleased to be able to share good news concerning an opportunity for course re-design.

As part of the Faculty’s strategic plan to incorporate technology in teaching and learning, we invite departments to submit proposals to re-design their large 100-level courses.

The course re-design will meet the following three goals:

1. Create a blended model to enhance student engagement (blended model generally includes online materials that replace lecture-style delivery of fundamental content, fewer contact hours, in-class activities that promote active and collaborative learning. At this stage we are not seeking blended models that emphasize lecture capture for the online component);

2. Accommodate more students in the on-campus blended course than are currently accommodated; and

3. Use the online materials developed for the blended model to create a fully online course (or vice versa) that has the same learning outcomes.

Proposal submission – 31 May, 2011
Course development – 2011/2012
First fully online offering – Summer 2012 (or Summer 2013)
First blended on-campus offering – Fall 2012

The Faculty will support the course re-design by providing:
• A development stipend of $10,000 per 3-unit course;
• Online course development expertise in the form of an assigned instructional designer to work with the course re-designer(s).

Your proposal should explain, in general terms, how you plan re-design the course to meet the three goals. While the proposal does not need to include a lot of detail at this stage, it will serve as a statement of commitment from the department. The commitment will be both to re-designing the course to meet the goals, and to sustaining the model by continuing to offer the course in the new blended format regardless of the instructor.

Please submit a one-page proposal to Brenda Ravenscroft, Associate Dean (Studies), Faculty of Arts and Science by 31 May. Questions can be directed to me at ext. 77181 or to Bev King, Manager, Continuing and Distance Studies, at ext. 78492.

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