Graduate School: Whether to Go (Sources) (5 December 2012)

Compiled by Mark Jones, December 2012, with subsequent additions.  Suggestions welcome.  

As universities seek to increase graduate admissions and at the same time to reduce full-service tenure-track faculty employment, a question arises, particularly for students specializing in fields where the major source of post-doctoral employment is academic: why pursue a higher degree?  This post provides references to (mostly) recent sources on this question.  Most of it is not pleasant reading, but it should be made available somewhere for students considering graduate degrees. 

figure 3.10

from CAUT Almanac of Post-Secondary Education 2011-2012 (

Note:  The suggestion of this chart is that an MA degree may boost your earnings almost as much as a PhD—compare the article in The Economist for 16 Dec. 2010 (below).  Bear in mind that the chart is not sorted according to specializations, nor does it represent career earnings; it gives only the average 2007 earnings for those who received degrees in 2005.    This is apparently the most current information available, and the 2012-13 CAUT Almanac reproduces exactly the same chart.

Time to Completion Table-PHD

from CAUT Almanac of Post-Secondary Education 2011-2012 (

Note: Doctorates apparently take longer, on average, in Humanities than in any other indicated field.  Why, is a matter of some dispute; it could be that Humanities degrees are inherently more demanding, it could be that a poorer job-market gives less incentive for rapid completion, or it could be some inefficiency endemic to the discipline.  See also Jaschik, below.


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