New Draft for Academic Plan on Virtualization and Online Learning (18 April 2013)

The Senate Academic Planning Task Force (SAPT) has posted its second draft for Queen’s Academic Plan on Virtualization and Online Learning.  The first draft was posted on March 22.  For comments on the first draft, see here.

Chris Moyes, SAPTF Chair, states in his email to Queen’s Senate (18 April 2013):

At this point, we consider our report to be complete, having addressed all of the issues raised to the best of our abilities, balancing input from various groups and individuals. The report is lengthy so to enable Senators to spend time with the document, we have posted a version on the Senate website April 18. Highlights identify areas that have undergone substantial revisions in response to comments from the draft posted in March.

We hope that the discussion on this motion at the April Senate meeting will help guide us in developing motions for specific actions, which we will present at the May Senate meeting.

Queen’s Senate meets on 28 May 2013.  Whether this leaves time enough for everyone to consider this draft of roughly 43,000 words remains to be seen.  Sen. Moyes has said that the SAPTF received feedback on Draft 1 by email, but only two  comments were posted on the SAPTF website concerning that draft, and very few people responded in the evening feedback meeting of 2 April.

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