Mark Jones, Response to Principal Woolf re “Queen’s Bowdlerized Plan” (13 March 2012)

As emailed to Principal Woolf, 13 March 2012. Responds to Principal Woolf’s response to “Queen’s Bowdlerized Plan: An Open Letter to the Principal and the Provost” (11 March 2012).

Dear Principal Woolf, 

Thank you for your response to this.  May I post it on the Real Academic Planning blog, where the open letter has been posted?

I appreciate your saying (if I understand you correctly) that the document in question should be retitled.  That  appears to me to be the least that should be done to remedy this unfortunate misrepresentation of the Plan.  With all due respect, however, it still seems to me that it would be seriously misleading to publish so slight a document in two volumes so that the summary introduction may be considered apart from the substance and body of the Plan–especially after the amendment to the Senate motion to approve the plan made it so explicit that “Queen’s University Academic Plan 2011” is to be considered as a whole.

I have, accordingly, submitted a motion to the Senate Agenda Committee, for action in the March meeting of Senate, that reads as follows:

I move that, to avoid misrepresentation, Senate direct the Secretariat  that the “Queen’s University Academic Plan 2011,” approved by Senate in November 2011, be published only under the exact title under which it was approved; that it be published as a whole, in one electronic file or one physical volume, rather than in separate parts; and that any publication bearing the title “Queen’s University Academic Plan 2011” include the whole text.

This seems to me to be only to ensure fair representation of the vast amount of work that people on the Task Force and in the University at large did in very good faith, and at your behest, over the past two years, and so I sincerely hope that it is a motion that you can support as Principal of Queen’s.

Respectfully yours,

Mark Jones

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