Two Student Resolutions Oppose Queen’s BFA Admissions Freeze (December 2011)

The Canadian Federation of Students (CFS) unanimously passed the following motion at its national general meeting in early December:

Whereas the Federation’s Arts and Education policy clearly states that the Federation “strongly opposes any move by a post-secondary institution to cutback or eliminate Fine, Applied or Performing Arts Programs from its curriculum”; and

Whereas, via this same policy, we recognize that “the arts are an integral part of Canadian culture,” and of education in Canada; and

Whereas enrolment in Queen’s Bachelor of Fine Arts Program has increased by 50% in the last year; and

Whereas the Program underwent a process of restructuring in 2008, on Queen’s Administration’s behest, to reduce staffing needs due to a planned funding shortage, and in order to maintain the Program; and

Whereas Queen’s University recently announced the suspension of their Bachelor of Fine Arts Program due to the staffing shortages coming out of the above mentioned process of restructuring; therefore

Be it resolved that a letter be written to Queen’s University Principal Daniel Woolf to demand the immediate reversal of Queen’s University decision to suspend their Bachelor of Fine Arts Program, and that all future program freezes, closures, and amalgamations, be submitted before Senate for approval, prior to implementation; and

Be it further resolved that member locals be encouraged to send similar letters to Queen’s University Principal Daniel Woolf.

The Society of Graduate and Professional Students (SGPS) at Queen’s passed the following Motion on 13 December 2011:

Moved: Anne‐Marie Grondin (

Seconded: Jillian Burford-Grinnell (

WHEREAS Queen’s recently and unilaterally suspended new admissions and upper-year transfers to the Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) program for the 2012-13 academic year based on an assessment of the faculty resources available to support the program; and

WHEREAS this decision sets a precedent for future closures, freezes, and amalgamations of undergraduate and graduate programs at Queen’s; and

WHEREAS, under the “Purpose and Functions of Senate,” the central function of Queen’s Senate is to “determine all matters of an academic character that affect the University as a whole”; and

WHEREAS Senate is also authorized to “approve university-level policies relating to the academic mission and academic services including but not limited to policies related to admissions”; and

WHEREAS a petition is currently being circulated by campus community members asking that “the BFA admissions-freeze and all such contemplated freezes, closures, and amalgamations be henceforth submitted to the proper authority of Queen’s Senate for approval,” that “all such policy decisions (…) be based not only on financial or ‘resources’ criteria but on long-range academic considerations,” and that the broader Queen’s community be consulted in the process; and

WHEREAS a motion was passed at a recent annual general meeting of the Canadian Federation of Students tasking the CFS Executive to write a letter to Queen’s Administration asking that the aforementioned decision-making process be respected; therefore

Be it resolved that Council endorse a letter to Queen’s Senate requesting that admission freezes, closures, and amalgamations henceforth be considered by Senate and be given academic as well as financial consideration.

Be it further resolved that individual Councilors be encouraged to sign the petition to this same effect

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