Vincent Romani, “Is this information serious?” (Letter to Queen’s Chancellor, Principal, Provost, Deputy Provost, and Dean of Arts and Science, 10 November 2011)

As emailed by Prof. Vincent Romani to Chancellor David Dodge, Principal Daniel Woolf, Provost Alan Harrison, Deputy Provost Susan Cole, and Dean of Arts and Science Alistair MacLean on 10 November 2011.  Posted on 19 November 2011 by permission.

Dear Deans, Professors, Colleagues,

As a university professor specializing in the politics of higher education, I am appalled by this Globe and Mail today’s article and I do strongly hope this is a false information and a mistake of the journalist:

In case it is a confirmed information, it is regrettable in any perspective:

1/ Utilitarian: it is well acknowledged in the world of education and the job market that liberal arts do indeed give a rich added-value to any graduate in technical or so-called “exact” sciences. Liberal arts teach critical thinking, good writing and speaking skills. How is it possible to be afraid to deliver such skills to the community?

2/ Humanist: Isn’t it the role of a great and generalist university as Queens pretends to be, to use its elsewhere generated wealth in order to fund less wealth-generating programs?

3/ Logical (and Economical): how is it possible to shut down a popular program, whose demand by applicants seems raising? How is it possible to tarnish the reputation of a great and generalist university?

4/ Ethics: How is it possible to fund such amazing facility projects in order to give business students the luxury of walking a short distance in a tunnel, while shutting down a whole program?

Thank you very much for your attention,

Vincent Romani
Professor, Political Science,

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