Carl Heywood, “Puzzled”: Letter to Faculty of Arts and Science Dean Alistair MacLean (18 November 2011)

As emailed by Carl Heywood, 18 November 2011; posted by permission.

Dear Alistair:

You may not remember me, but we have met.

I am full professor emeritus Carl Heywood who taught in the Queen’s BFA program
from 1974 to 2006.

I am now retired in Montreal, pursuing my own work.

I am puzzled by your attached statement about the BFA program.

What has changed? Are they not getting enough students? Have they hired extra teachers, thereby costing more? Is this a punishment for some perceived mis-behaviour? What has changed?

Is Fine Art now thought not to have value? Not be a good career? Is Art History also being closed? Is it a better career? Does studying past art have more value to society than creating new art?

I know that there have been problems with contentious faculty in the BFA, but that certainly does not mean that the Fine Art program should be discontinued.

I know you are very busy, but after having given 32 years of my life to teaching at Queen’s in the BFA I cannot help being perplexed as to the actual motivations here, and who is making such decisions…

Carl Heywood

[attachment: Faculty of Arts and Science email to Fine Arts Students, 9 November 2011, as quoted in the Queen’s Journal]: “A review of the resources available to the BFA Programme in the immediately foreseeable future indicates that they are not sufficient to sustain the current programme. Given this assessment the Faculty does not feel it would be responsible to continue to admit students at this time. Consequently, following consultation with the Provost, the Faculty has decided to suspend admissions to the Programme for the 2012-2013 academic year.

“The Faculty is committed to ensuring that students currently enrolled in the BFA Programme will be able to complete their degree with no interruption to their studies. The Dean and Associate Dean plan to meet with BFA students in the near future to discuss any concerns or questions that may arise.

“The Faculty will continue to assess the status of the Programme.”

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