Irony Alert: UNESCO Adopts Queen’s Prof’s Resolution to Make Arts Education Accessible to All Students (18 November 2011)

As posted by Queen’s News Centre (under the title “Education professor’s resolution adopted by United Nations organization“) on 18 November 2011–shortly following Queen’s Administration’s announcement that it is closing admissions to its own Bachelor of Fine Arts program:

A resolution drafted by a Queen’s University professor to make arts education accessible to all students around the world was unanimously adopted by United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) at the recent general conference in Paris.

“I’m happy to see UNESCO continues to give priority to promoting arts education. Hopefully this initiative will have a positive impact on school administrators and teachers of the arts around the world,” says Larry O’Farrell, a Faculty of Education professor and one of only two UNESCO chairs in arts education worldwide.

The resolution aims to renew arts education systems around the world and improve the quality of arts education. UNESCO also designated the fourth week in May as International Week of Arts Education.

Mr. O’Farrell has dedicated his career to promoting arts education. He participated in the UNESCO conference on arts education last summer and helped draft the subsequent international arts education plan known as the Seoul Agenda. He was awarded a lifetime achievement award this past summer by the American Alliance for Theatre and Education for his international leadership in promoting drama and theatre teaching.

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