New Draft Academic Plan: Texts (28 September 2011)

Note: The drafts made available here have been superseded by drafts posted in October 2011.

The first complete draft of the Academic Plan was presented to Faculty Board in Arts and Science on 17 September, and to Senate on 27 September 2011.

The text can be difficult to access on the APTF website, so we reproduce the links below.  There is, as yet, no continuously paginated file (the APTF has been asked to provide one) but the draft is available either as a series of fourteen separate pdf files or as one pdf file comprising the seven main files (still separately paginated, and excluding the appendices).

Click below to access the separate files:


Or click below to access the main text as a single file:

Academic Plan (draft of 17 Sept. 2011)

For a critique of the September draft, see here or here.  To view comments on the APTF’s website, click here. To view the APTF’s consultation documents and earlier drafts that have been deleted from the its website, click here.

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