Mark Jones, Academic Planning Progress and Drafts (27 April 2011)

As emailed to QUFA, Queen’s Senate, and other campus lists on 27 April 2011.

Update (1 October 2011): The first two links in the body of this posting originally led to pages of the APTF website that featured the “Four Pillars” texts (as used in consultations) and the early sectional drafts; in both cases, these pages also showed the community’s feedback. For some reason, these pages have been disabled, and the links have merely been redirected to the draft plan of September 2011. The APTF has been urged to restore its website’s former transparency and interactivity so that the record of its consultation is visible, so that anyone can check the new draft plan against it. So far, the APTF has provided a link to “Collected Comments on Early Drafts” but not to the drafts themselves, nor has it provided the “Four Pillars” texts or the community’s comments on them. Also now missing from the APTF website is the page that formerly listed the APTF’s consultations and linked to the “takeaways” for many of them; this information is still accessible, however, via the new draft plan’s appendix 5, “Consultations.”

Dear Colleagues:

The Academic Planning Task Force has begun posting sectional drafts: please see our “Draft Outline” page ( for links to the drafts. At present, we have posted three draft sections, on Communication and Writing, on Disciplinarity and Interdisciplinarity, and on Global Citizenship.

If you negotiate to these drafts via the buttons on the right side of our website, you will find fields for posting your own suggestions, questions, and comments. Please do give us feedback on these drafts, more of which will appear in the days and weeks to come. As you will see in the drafts themselves, we are doing our best to register and assimilate your suggestions. The planning process depends very much on what we hear.

Also, the “Four Pillars” website that was used for our winter consultations is still open for business, via the right-hand button “Four Pillars Consultation (Ongoing)”: see We have received over 50 pages of commentary on this site. We invite you to use this page both to review our consultation materials and to read and participate in the online discussion.

The APTF has met twice weekly all winter term; it hosted or participated in about 30 consultations between January and April, and has received over 40 unit and individual responses to Principal Woolf’s Where Next? Its process is more fully explained in its report to Senate for April 28.

In sum, we have made the consultation and drafting process for Queen’s Academic Plan an unusually open and transparent one. The success of this experiment will depend on your participation, so please visit our website periodically, see what is shaping up, and let us hear your views.

One last request: Many academic units submitted formal academic planning Responses to Principal Woolf’s Where Next?, but because the transparent process was not envisioned at that point, they did not write them for public posting. We do not yet have a complete set of these, and we should. You can see a list of what we do have (with indications of what is publicly posted) here. This page includes email addresses to which you can send unit Responses. If your unit wrote a Response that is not listed here, please let us know–we need to see it!

Thank you–Mark

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