Call for Academic Planning Task Force Nominations (8 December 2010)

Email sent out on community lists by Mark Jones, 8 December 2010:

Dear Colleagues:

As you will know, the Senate Nominating Committee has been charged with selecting a Senate “Task Force,” which will be charged with drafting Queen’s Academic Plan. Patrick Oosthuizen, the chair of the Nominating Committee, has just stated the committee’s selection criteria.

The Task Force will include:

  • 3 Faculty Members
  • 2 Students (1 undergraduate, 1 graduate/professional)
  • 1 Staff Member
  • 1 Dean
  • a Chair appointed by the Principal

Nominations for the Faculty, Student, and Staff positions can be made until 4 p.m. Friday, Dec. 10; see the Senate webpage for forms and further information.

Time is now short, but the nominating process is simple, and it is critical that we have colleagues on this task force who are well suited to plan Queen’s academic future. Please take some time soon to nominate a suitable colleague (self-nominations are welcome).

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