Queen’s News Centre: Senate task force to finalize academic plan (29 November 2010)

As posted in Queen’s News Centre, 29 November 2010:

Highlights from the November 25 meeting of Senate.

Senate has struck a task force to develop an academic plan for Queen’s.

After considerable discussion at its November 25 meeting, Senate agreed to a task-force structure that includes three faculty members, two students (an undergraduate and a graduate/professional student), a dean, a staff member, and a chair appointed by the principal.

The Senate Nominating Committee is charged with selecting the task force members and presenting the slate to Senate for approval by electronic vote by December 21. Senators must make up a majority of the task force, but the Nominating Committee will conduct a campus-wide call for nominations.

Senate also passed a motion requiring that a series of town hall meetings be held to address key issues and that the process advance as quickly as possible because many students involved in the process will graduate and/or complete their terms of office in 2011.

Principal Daniel Woolf noted that much of the work on the academic plan has been completed. He would like to see more consultation over the next few months with the academic plan completed by the end of the winter term if possible. Based on the feedback he has received, Principal Woolf said that he believes the task force should look at a variety of specific questions and gave the role of writing in the curriculum as one possible area for attention. Other possible topics for discussion, according to the principal, are student/faculty interaction in first year and active and collaborative learning in fourth year.

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