Queen’s News Centre: Academic planning process moves to Senate (20 September 2010)

As posted in Queen’s News Centre, 20 September 2010:

The academic planning process enters the next phase this week when the Academic Writing Team’s report is referred to the University Senate.

Senate will determine how the team’s recommendations will be developed into a draft academic plan over the fall and winter terms and is expected to consult across the campus on the plan’s content.

“I anticipate there will be many interesting discussions over the coming months,” says Principal Daniel Woolf, who hosted two town hall meetings last week to discuss the AWT’s report Imagining the Future: Towards an Academic Plan for Queen’s University. “This next stage will provide the community with further opportunities to comment.”

Some of the areas discussed at the town hall meetings included academic integrity, diversity and internationalization, metrics, and the continuum of learning that is teaching and research.

One staff member spoke passionately about the role of staff at Queen’s. “We are often seen as support but we believe we are in a partnership, working alongside faculty to make things happen on campus.” The comments generated applause from attendees and confirmation from members of the Academic Writing Team and the Principal.

Notes from the meetings are being forwarded to Senate.

An online forum was set up last month to give faculty, staff and students a place to discuss the goals and recommendations in Imagining the Future.

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