AWT Report Now Available (25 August 2010)

by Roberta Lamb

I am pleased that the AWT published its report and provided for public comment. This is a step towards transparency.

The comment section is a bit tricky to navigate.

There is no RSS feed option.

There are more than 20 goals each with a separate comment feature plus a general comment section. There is no way to tell if any comments have been made without clicking on each section.

It is clunky, but at least the possibility for public discussion is available.

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One Response to AWT Report Now Available (25 August 2010)

  1. Note: The “Academic Plan Forum” ( now does (as of 3 September) have an RSS feed, and clicking on it will produce a page of all comments on the AWT’s report in one continuum — so there is no need to check every bin separately.

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