Queen’s News Centre: Academic Plan drafting committee in place (3 March 2010)

As posted in Queen’s News Centre, 3 March 2010:

Six Queen’s academics will draft the university’s Academic Plan this summer.

Principal Daniel Woolf has announced the membership of the committee that will write the first draft of the plan based on submissions from the Queen’s community.

The members are:

  • Michael Adams, Pharmacology and Toxicology
  • Tim Bryant, Mechanical and Materials Engineering
  • Yolande Chan, School of Business
  • Kim Nossal, Political Studies
  • Jill Scott, German
  • John Smol, Biology

“I am conscious of the fact that these distinguished professors have taken on this task on top of their busy teaching and research schedules, and I am particularly grateful for their participation in the process,” said Principal Woolf.

The writing team members all have strong research and teaching records and reputations; they also have a broad understanding of the university and come from diverse academic backgrounds.

“At The Monieson Centre, Queen’s School of Business, we study decision-making and community engagement,” says Professor Chan. “I am committed to contributing to Queen’s by applying what I study where it matters most—at home, that is, Queen’s. I intend to contribute with integrity and to play my part in helping Queen’s move toward a future we all wish to share.”

“One of the most enjoyable aspects of being a faculty member at Queen’s is the ability to work with colleagues in other disciplines,” says Professor Bryant. “This has led to unique opportunities to integrate engineering into teaching and research facilitated by cross appointments to the School of Kinesiology and Health Studies and the Department of Surgery. The academic planning process allows us to explore interdisciplinary as strength of the institution.”

“This is not a small responsibility and so I have no doubt that the committee will face considerable challenges,” says Professor Scott. “Having said that, I feel strongly that this is an important time for Queen’s and that it is a real opportunity to think outside the box and work toward creative solutions.”

Principal Woolf launched the Academic Planning process in January with the release of his vision document. Academic and non-academic units across campus are writing their responses to the document and deans and V-Ps will submit synthesized plans to the V-P (Academic) by April 15th.

This committee will then take from May to September to draft the university-wide plan, which will be discussed by the campus in the fall before going to Senate for final approval in November and to the board in December.

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